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Braai / Barbecue Hardwood

Everyone has their favorite braai spot, a place they can spend leisure time with their near and dear ones. Braai is a barbeque, whose name was taken from the Afrikaans word ‘braaivleis’ that defines barbecued meat. The wood used plays a significant role in giving a different aroma and flavor to the food that is grilled. We offer the best Braai / Barbecue hardwood to suffice the South Africans with their myriad day to day braaing needs.

Namibian Hardwood
Namibian Hardwood

Namibian Hardwood is a mixture of the hardest woods in Namibia. It consists of Acacia Mellifera (black thorn), Acacia Tortilla (umbrella thorn), Acacia Erioloba (camel thorn) and Acacia Reficiens (red thorn). These woods are used to produce Namibian charcoal from and are also one of the most favorite barbequing woods in South Africa; it is commonly stocked with retailers and garages. The smoke from the Namibian hardwood braai adds to the flavor of the meat. This way you can socialize with your family and friends and can even cherish the beautifully grilled meal. It is also the most favorite barbequing wood used by Barbeque Masters around the world. For everyone who loves to barbeque or braai, Namibain hardwood makes for the perfect braai!!

Bushveld Hardwood Kindling
Bushveld Hardwood Kindling

These bags of wood are filled with all the small pieces of Namibian Hardwood. It is used to start a fire or for someone who wants to have a quick barbeque and doesn’t want to wait for barbeque coals. The wood burns quickly but is highly efficient and can last long enough to ensure that the braai is well grilled. For anyone who adores barbeque and braaing, bushveld hardwood kindling is a great option.

Bushveld Hardwood
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I've been looking for quality wood for the last year or so. Than i came across MacWood and gave them a try. And all i can say is WOW. There wood is the best. It gives a long lasting coal, what you can braai on for hours on end. I really love there wood and will never use something else again

- Richard

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