Braai, Firewood and Barbecue

MacWood, we are passionate about firewood and braai wood. We source our wood on a weekly basis directly from the farm. When wood arrives at our factory, it is checked to ensure that the quality is up to the highest standards. The wood then undergoes our processing process where it gets sorted and cut into smaller pieces. Ensuring that our customers don’t have to cut or break the pieces of wood when they want to use it for a braai or a fireplace. Each bag consists of only the highest quality of soft wood, it contains some small pieces for starting the fire and bigger pieces to give you long lasting coals.

The company stocks an exclusive range of premium quality barbecue wood, charcoal and charcoal briquettes to make sure the barbecue is well grilled and exudes that peculiar flavour and aroma. The secret of our wood is that they emit extreme heat on ignition, and therefore, provides long lasting coals, keeping your homes warm and comfy during the chilling winter months. Our charcoal briquettes are easy to ignite, reliable and burns down completely leaving negligible amount of ash. We even offer firelighters to make the ignition a simple and easy affair especially during outdoor excursions and camp fires.

If what you want good quality braai products, then you have just arrived at the right place. We are one of the leading suppliers of wood products and firewood in the area. Depending upon the type of wood you meat you are cooking, choose the wood that goes well with the same for a one of its kind experience and utterly delicious delicacies.

MacWood has become a popular name in the sphere of outdoor lifestyle, and we are proud to offer the best quality products to our customers at competitive prices. We stockpile the wood and distribute to retailers and the public in the Gauteng area. We even do bulk delivery and packaging of soft wood on request of the customer. We welcome all retailers wanting to stock our product selection, to contact us anytime.